Welcome to our payment information, and alternate payments: If you are looking to pay for our traffic services, or traffic products and you are not willing to be verified by us, or want to pay using a different method, you will find the information on this page. We have many ways for you to pay for our services including regular check (Must Clear) Money Order, bank transfer, & Western Union.
We don't like putting new clients through this process, but its done to help protest you, and us from any fraudulent payments, so we help that you understand. If you have any questions about being verified by us, don't hesitate to either contact us by email, or to give us a call, we are more then happy to help you.
Our Contact Mailing Address: Used when making a payment by check, or money order.

TrafficHits.com LLC
PMB140 35246 US 19N.                                           Make Checks, Or Money Order, Payable to TrafficHits.com LLC
Palm Harbor FL 34684

For Western Union & Bank Transfers:
To make a payment by either of these 2 methods, please contact us at the following telephone numbers:

Voice: 1-727-772-8462
Fax 1-419-972-0457

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PMB140 35246 US Hwy 19 N.
Palm Harbor FL 34684
TEL# 727-772-8462
Copyright 1999